The Golf Industry Association has created the Green Section in response to requests from Golf Course Superintendents / Turf Managers who wished to see their professional status supported and enhanced through the GIA. The Greens Section is open to all ‘active’ Golf Superintendents, Assistants, Turf trainees, Racetrack Turf Managers and Cricket Turf Managers, GIA reserves the right to vet and approve / not approve applicants and no correspondence is entered into from such vetting.

GIA has already planned for two days of workshops for Green Section members for the GIA Golf & Turf Summit which during 2023 will be held at DLF Golf & Country Club, New Delhi on October 5 & 6.

In the future regional GIA events will also have a Greens Section component.

GIA has entered into a partnership with the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (formerly Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association) with GIA supporting access to the ASTMA online Turf Management courses. The ASTMA is registered with the National Vocational Education & Training Regulator in Australia and is offering the following Qualifications:

(1) Certificate III in Sports Turf management

The certificate III will be a combined online / face to face delivery (theory online and practical face to face. The face-to-face aspects may occur as a portion or addition to the GIA Golf & Turf Summit to be held at DLF Golf & Country Club, October 5 & 6 / future Golf & Turf Summits.

(2) Diploma in Sports Turf management

All sessions and assessments will be delivered entirely online.

Such partnerships are designed to assist Golf Course Superintendents and Turf Managers to enhance their skills and professional qualifications. There are no such training courses available in India at this time.

GIA Greens Section hopes to provide assistance to members whenever possible in respect to technical issues through our members or the appointed GIA Agronomist.


(1) All current / financial GIA Golf Club / Course members will automatically have their Superintendent eligible for membership upon application.

(2) Greens Section membership is open to all ‘active’ Golf Course Superintendents, Assistants / greenkeepers from recognized golf courses (9, 18, 27 etc) and well as those managing Racetracks and Cricket Pitches.

(3) Annual membership is Rs 1,000. A membership certificate would be issued annually as would a certification of completion of Summit workshops.

(4) Greens Section members will not have voting rights in GIA but will have voting rights for the annual election of Greens Section sub-committee

(5) The GIA Greens Section will promote the work of Golf Course Superintendents, support them when possible, in respect to technical issues, assist in ongoing education opportunities and personal development.

(6) The GIA Board reserves the right to approve or not approve applications for membership and no correspondence will be entered into for any non-approved applications.

Those interested in membership to the GIA Greens Section can contact the Director General to request a membership application form at email: