The Golf Industry Association is a promotional body formed by Golf Industry Groups as a non-profit organization under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The main objective of the Association is to provide a forum to co-ordinate all key sectors of Golf Industry to grow, develop and promote the game of Golf through their respective involvement. Assist to build and promote the Indian Golf industry by supporting the activities and aims of the Indian Golf Union, the Government of India Tourism Authority and other golf related groups. The Association is responsible to provide advice to the Government on industry wise issues without interfering individual members’ relationship with specific Government agencies. Our goal is to look after the interest of all members and to strengthen the individual position of each member.


The objective statement of the Golf Industry Association is to promote and advance the sport of golf by fostering collaboration and cooperation among industry stakeholders, driving innovation and growth, and enhancing the overall experience for golfers worldwide

The vision of the Golf Industry Association is to be the leading advocate and catalyst for the continued growth, development, and sustainability of the golf industry. We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive golf community that embraces innovation, fosters environmental stewardship, and delivers exceptional experiences for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Our vision is to ensure that golf remains a thriving and cherished sport for generations to come


The mission of the Golf Industry Is to unite and represent the diverse sectors of the golf industry, including golf facilities, manufacturers, suppliers, professionals, and enthusiasts. We are committed to promoting the growth, sustainability, and enjoyment of the game by fostering collaboration, providing education and resources, advocating for the interests of our members, and enhancing the overall golf experience for players of all levels. Through our collective efforts, we aim to strengthen the golf industry and ensure its long-term success



Mr. Akash Ohri

Mr. Devang D. Shah

Mrs. Deepali Shah Gandhi

Mr. Brandon De Souza

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